IdentityMine Introduces the IdentityMine Gesture Engine to Support Advanced Multi-

  • William Dasilva
  • March 19, 2009
  • Very exciting day for some really cool work that we have been doing at IM. Today we are announcing publically the IdentityMine Gesture Engine. Read the press release here:

    Quote from the website:

    “In addition to multi-level gesture support the IdentityMine Gesture Engine also support for user recorded custom gestures. These gestures can be used to augment the set of gestures currently supported which include Rotate, Resize, Pan, Click/Touch, Slide, Flick, Touch and Hold, Drag, and 3D. ”

    Its some really cool stuff and after having played with it a little bit it is very much a new playground for designers to start designing states and transitions for the complex world of intuitive NUI interfaces…