Mix 09 and Expression 3.0 Behaviors

I have been so busy I wasn’t able to contribute to the flood of blogs and tweets about Mix this year. Ironically I was there and I did tweet like crazy from the keynotes and the sessions.

It was a great year for Mix… For me it was the magic of the “3’s” year for Microsoft. The rule of thumb usual is if Microsoft sticks it out in any particular segment they will get it right by the 3rd time… And if the betas and previews are any indication of it.. Blend 3 and Silverlight 3 are shaping up to be the pivotal versions for the tool and the platform.

I’ve never seen more people excited about “new” Silverlight features that have been part of the WPF platform for years. Merged Resource Dictionaries, Element Binding, Offline support yadda yadda. Dont get me wrong I am super jazzed about these features coming down to Silverlight and am all the more excited to be doing Silverlight development because there is becoming less and less of a distinction between the skill sets.

If I could point at one thing that I am most excited about seeing at Mix this year was behaviors in Expression Blend. Peter Blois did a presentation that had me all but standing up and cheering Arsenio Hall style WhooWhoo WHooo! Check out his talk here:

Also check out his sample behaviors here:

These are some of the juiciest gems I have seen go public. Expression.Samples.Physics.Behaviors is sure to be a namespace that shows up in a lot of my prototypes going forward.

Another highlight from Mix for me was seeing the effects classes are available.

Also check out Henry Hahn’s post about the

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