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Shipping and Shopping

July 21st, 2008 | Posted by William Dasilva in Uncategorized - (Comments Off)

Its been a long time since I have blogged but now Robby’s nerd+art website has got me jazzed about doing some silverlight work…im working on a DesignersLoveSilverlight section to my blog.

I’ve been busy with lots of WPF client development as usual and added to that we have welcomed two new munchkins into the Dunlap family (Ivy Grace and Eden Faith Dunlap born 2 months early but doing great). So I can point to personal issues that were making me a light blogging force.

I think I can officially say that I have finished my overdose on AppStore and 50 some odd apps later the honeymoon is over (although I’ve picked up a serious addiction to Texas Hold ‘em and Comic Touch). A lot of lessons learned from iphone client apps… Proof that rich clients are important for experience…

Interesting article about a WPF CRM app developed by Entellium. I thought this was an interesting quote:


“Johnston ascribes a large part of Rave’s appeal to its downloadable client. “The smart client approach enables a SaaS distribution model you can’t replicate with a browser-only product because [with a browser-based product] there is nothing to ’ship’,” he explained. Entellium will exploit that advantage, using digital retailers as its core distribution channel for Rave.”

This isnt something that I would have intuitively picked up on from a business perspective, but its obvious to me the value after using the iphone App Store for a week. I think its more than just “shipping” an app from a business side, rather its “shopping” an app from the customer side.

I think its a true experience of the buzzword we always used at MS called “stickiness”.

I would actually propose that the user’s action of “downloading” an app is mentally connecting the user to an experience that is more owned and personal than just browsing to an application and using it. I know I dont feel like I own an application that I can navigate to no matter how powerful or rich the experience is… I have to do something that makes me “own” it and downloading an app seems to be the ticket. Granted setting up an account for the myriad of applications that exist definitely mentally connects me to the experience more, but something about adding that app to my collection of quick launch icons that I plan to use frequently really ties the bow on the customer experience. (Unfortunately the Programs menu in Windows just doesnt have that “my stuff” feel that iPhone home screens and OS X dock does)

Oh and in addition to my DesignersLoveSilverlight that is coming I have a side project that is more “platform agnostic” called Riactionary.com it too is going to be a blog that I probably dont get enough time to update but my hope is for it to be a repository of RIA reviews that span the gammut of platform technologies available.