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Whoa! Here is a feature that slipped through cracks for me but is something I have been asking for a long time… I just didnt know they got it into Blend 2.

It used to be in Blend that you had to explicitely set a width and height to see your content render (specifically around root elements like Windows and Pages). This was problematic because inevitably I would check in my xaml with these widths and heights set which would usually break resize scenarios.

Now with the design-time size you can set a designer only property that has no effect at run time. Just look for the bar and triangle glyphs as shown below and resize your content.

This is what it adds in xaml:

d:DesignWidth=”1176″ d:DesignHeight=”935.314″


They really are listening

May 12th, 2008 | Posted by William Dasilva in Uncategorized - (Comments Off)

Just read through a bunch of the features coming online in 3.5 sp1 and Im totally stoked.. Microsoft has really done a good job about listening to what we need to make WPF a better programming experience… I can think of 3 – 4 things that I am working on today that will be much easier in the next release.

Its funny how little things like Alternating Row support in ItemsControl can be such a big thing but Ive used 72 different hacky solutions for this and its always a time suck setting it up…

Interoperability with DirectX and hardware accelerated extensible shader effects totally changes the game in my opinion.. Many of the dreamy interfaces that we have conjured up in our imagination when we get excited about WPF are now going to be a reality.

Thanks WPF team! I cant wait to get my hands dirty!